Cambridge University Ceilidh Band

Standard Gig Policy

Please note: A different policy for May Balls and similar events is available on request. Please contact the secretary.


The Band
Cambridge University Ceilidh Band including associated musicians, callers and sound technicians.
The event for which the band has been booked to play.
The person responsible for booking the band.
The client and any person not a member of the band attending the event.
The location at which the gig is to be held.

Terms and conditions apply unless otherwise specified in writing in advance of the gig. We do our best to accommodate requests and other requirements when informed in advance of the event.

  1. Music and Equipment

    1. The band will play for between 1 and 3 hours, usually with a short break in the middle.
    2. The band require 1 hour set-up and sound check time directly before the gig in a room not being used for other purposes at the time of the sound check.
    3. The band require 30 min take-down time immediately after the gig.
    4. The band will supply all musicians, callers and amplification equipment required.
    5. The band requires a minimum of one standard mains socket and a reliable power supply to supply power to the PA equipment.
    6. The band can play comfortably in areas 10-20 meters squared for performance, preferably in a raised area and with at least 3 chairs for musicians. If the performance area is small we request notification so we can ensure we will fit the space.
    7. A minimum area of 1 square meter per dancer in the dancing area is recommended.
    8. Amplification equipment is solely for use by the band. We can provide amplification for mp3 players during a break if requested in advance.
    9. Any loss or damage to equipment or instruments as a direct result of the client or their guests is the responsibility of the client and all repairs or replacements will be billed to the client.
    10. Any requests for loans of amplification equipment or changes to the stated set-up and take down timings must be agreed before the gig is confirmed as additional charges may apply.
    11. If notified in advance of special requests for dance styles, first dances or lots of children who might be keen to dance, the band will aim to tailor the ceilidh appropriately.
  2. Location, Venue and Timings

    1. The band should be informed of the location of the gig before confirmation of the booking.
    2. We request that the band is informed of any sound, location, band number or dancing limitations of the venue well in advance.
    3. The band reserves the right to refuse unsuitable venues. If this is the case a full refund will be provided.
    4. An extra fee to cover transport will be charged on gigs outside of Cambridge, proportional to the distance travelled.
    5. The band reserves the right to impose a surcharge for ceilidhs that are scheduled to finish late at night.
  3. Payment

    1. The band will advise in writing the cost of the gig on request for a quote from the client.
    2. The band reserves the right to change the quote based on details of the gig (e.g. increased travelling distance) and will advise in writing if this is necessary.
    3. To confirm a booking, a deposit cheque or bank transfer totalling 25% of the quote is required.
    4. The remaining 75% of the cost of the gig will be payable on the day of the gig.
    5. Payment can be made by bank transfer (details sent out with quote). Alternative arrangements can be made upon request to pay by cheque if necessary.
  4. Cancellations

    1. Cancellations up to 2 weeks in advance of the agreed date will result in a full refund of the deposit. Cancellations after this point will lose their deposit.
    2. In the unlikely event that the band has to cancel a booking, a full refund will be provided and a replacement band sought on the client's behalf if requested.
  5. Health and Safety

    1. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the venue is fit and safe to use.
    2. Ceilidhs can involve vigorous activity and as such guests should be sufficiently fit and healthy to take part.
    3. The band is not liable for any injury occurring to guests before, during or after the gig.
    4. The band reserves to right to terminate a gig if excessive alcohol or other factors are likely to cause damage or injury to the band, its equipment or the guests.
    5. All amplification equipment has been PAT tested and the band has up to date public liability insurance. Certificates and a risk assessment are available on request.